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At Shematters, we’re on a mission to foster a supportive community and provide access to the resources and opportunities women need to succeed. If you’re passionate about making a difference and want to be part of a dynamic team dedicated to empowering women, we’d love to hear from you. Browse our open positions below and join us in our mission to change the world.

Open Jobs

Software Team

Join our dynamic team of software developers dedicated to creating cutting-edge solutions that empower women to succeed. As a member of our software team, you will work on exciting projects and have the opportunity to develop your skills in a collaborative and supportive environment.

Design Team

Passionate about creating visually stunning and impactful designs that inspire change? Join our talented design team & contribute your unique creativity to empowering women & changing the world. As a member of our design team, you will work on projects that make a real difference & have the opportunity to grow both personally & professionally.

Human Resources

As part of our HR team, you will play a crucial role in shaping our organizational culture and supporting our talented team. We're looking for an experienced and dynamic HR professional who is passionate about empowering women and creating a positive and inclusive work environment.

Community Manager

Are you a skilled communicator and passionate about building a strong community? Join our team as a community manager and help us grow our vibrant network of empowered women. As a community manager, you will have the opportunity to shape the direction of our community and make a real impact on the lives of women around the world.

Content Manager

As our content manager, you will play a critical role in shaping our brand narrative and ensuring that our message resonates with our target audience. We're looking for a skilled writer and communicator who is passionate about empowering women and creating positive change. As a content manager, you will have the opportunity to work on exciting projects and help shape our brand identity.

Our mission is to cultivate a world where women can thrive and achieve their full potential as leaders.

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